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By Catherine mother of  Abi, from Georgia
Onward Christian Academy has /is the best thing to happen to my daughter. It has given her the confidence that she needed. The teacher gives her plenty of one-on-one attention and so much encouragement!  Because of Onward her grades are now on par !


My name is Blayne. I started Onward Christian Academy when I was in fifth grade and I graduated my eleventh grade year. During those seven years I developed a great relationship with my dean Mr. Macdonald. Whenever I needed help, he was always there. I enjoyed Onward Christian Academy because their curriculum was challenging for me. I also liked Onward Christian Academy because I was able to do the assignments in a timely fashion. It took me three to four hours a day to finish the assignments. Now that I have graduated, I have been accepted and will be attending New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. Onward Christian Academy made this possible for me.


By Elijah who lives in Montana
Onward Christian Academy helped me greatly when it came to my schooling.  I was able to do all my daily assignments in less than four hours and still have the option of working ahead.  The curriculum is modular to fit each student's need, that allowed me to take classes that were not only challenging but also engaging. I like Onward and I would recommend it for anybody trying to homeschool.  



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"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge"
Proverbs 1:7

School at Home

I was looking for a place where there were few distractions and no unnecessary "drama," a place where I could feel secure and "AT HOME." Now I know how much fun home schooling can be. Sometimes Mom even lets my friends and me have a computer study party. – Ashley B.


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