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If the Lord has guided you in raising your children in a Godly environment, placed a desire in your heart to provide your children a Christian based homeschool curriculum, then I highly recommend Onward Christian Academy (OCA).

     As a mom, I need to prepare my children for this world on God’s Truth. OCA has a faculty with a combined experienced educators of over 40+ years and they are dedicated in providing the necessary education that will meet the requirements needed.

~Diana Sano

Testimonial from:  Hannes vd Westhuizen living in the country of Jordan, father of A-Liza and Elmi-Gret.

As South Africans, not being native English speakers, Mimi and I are so extremely grateful to you guys all at Onward Academy for just being obedient at a time when we need help so desperately. I could remember that day when Mimi said that she wanted to give up searching for an online school when she still did not know how Onward Christian Academy came up in her search. Well, to correct myself, I do know because it was only the LORD who connected us. 

From day one, it was as if we were family, and we felt like we were treated as special people. Through time zone differences, sometimes connectivity issues, and both our kids and we as parents not always keeping to what was asked of us. Sometimes we traveled, and even in transit, we were always treated far beyond what we expected. Our desire was for our kids to somehow also to have been exposed to an in-person school environment, and you guys (Uncle Jim) went the extra 100 miles helping, preparing, and those endless requests and adjustments to enable our kids to have entered a real school environment with schoolmates, sport, other activities, and trips ! ! !  

THANK YOU, Uncle Jim and ALL of YOU at Onward Christian Academy ! ! ! The portion of Scripture in Matthew 25 from 38 and on and especially verse 40 jumps into my mind : "And the KING will answer them, 'Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these MY brothers, you did it to ME.'

THANK YOU, guys ! ! ! THANKS, Uncle Jim ! ! !



This testimonial is from A-Liza van der Westhuizen who lives in the country of Jordan.

As a kid, I struggle a lot with finding the right school, especially the right online school. As a family, we struggled a lot with homeschooling, so we decided to search for an online school. Eventually, we came across Onward Christian Academy. For me, being part of Onward Christian Academy was really fun, and the teachers were just as Ms. Kimm and Mr. Jim were always there to help me when I was struggling, and they did such a great job of also explaining different factors of the online system. The system itself was really handy; it was easy and simple to use. 

I loved doing things online, so the thought of doing school work online was a great idea for me. When I started with Onward Academy, it was less stressful than homeschooling. HAHA! There was a system that was to be followed, and there were borders too. Knowing that there were deadlines for projects and tests was also great because, when they were done, you knew that your work for the day or for the week was done. Even the lessons were great; they explained everything so well, and I was able to learn quite a lot. 

I really want to thank Ms. Kimm and Mr. Jim for their dedication to me, as well as for their love and support. They were the best teachers I ever had; I just wish that I could meet them one day in person and not online. HAHA!


Thank you, Onward Christian Academy for making a way for the Wagoner Family throughout the years. You have provided one of the greatest educations from home!  We could not have done it without you, Mr. James Macdonald, and all the teachers’ assistance. We hope more families will find there is no better curriculum or price available. God Bless you and all your staff, Lisa Wagoner, November 24, 2022.


By Catherine mother of  Abi, from Georgia
Onward Christian Academy has /is the best thing to happen to my daughter. It has given her the confidence that she needed. The teacher gives her plenty of one-on-one attention and so much encouragement!  Because of Onward her grades are now on par !


My name is Blayne. I started Onward Christian Academy when I was in fifth grade and I graduated my eleventh grade year. During those seven years I developed a great relationship with my dean Mr. Macdonald. Whenever I needed help, he was always there. I enjoyed Onward Christian Academy because their curriculum was challenging for me. I also liked Onward Christian Academy because I was able to do the assignments in a timely fashion. It took me three to four hours a day to finish the assignments. Now that I have graduated, I have been accepted and will be attending New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. Onward Christian Academy made this possible for me.


By Elijah who lives in Montana
Onward Christian Academy helped me greatly when it came to my schooling.  I was able to do all my daily assignments in less than four hours and still have the option of working ahead.  The curriculum is modular to fit each student's need, that allowed me to take classes that were not only challenging but also engaging. I like Onward and I would recommend it for anybody trying to homeschool.  



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"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge"
Proverbs 1:7

School at Home

I was looking for a place where there were few distractions and no unnecessary "drama," a place where I could feel secure and "AT HOME." Now I know how much fun home schooling can be. Sometimes Mom even lets my friends and me have a computer study party. – Ashley B.


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