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Graduation Options and Requirments

Graduation Options

State History is required for graduation but can be completed as an offline course by following specific guidelines for the state wherein the student resides.

An Honors Diploma will be granted to students completing the College Prep requirements with a GPA of 3.6 or better.

A Basic Diploma can be awarded when the parents and OCA agree that a particular student, doing his or her best, is not capable of completing all the requirements for a Standard Diploma.  Arrangements must be made in advance for us to work with the student on a “special needs” basis.

Required Off-Line Courses:

    • *Writing Course: "MovieLit" One Semester. See website: www.movielit.com
    • **Writing Course: "MovieLit" Full-year
    • ***Current World Problems Course: "Times and Scriptures." Full-year. See website www.timesandscriptures.com

Additional Off-Line Courses:

Some required courses such as P.E. and Bible are not done online, but in other venues, and a virtually unlimited variety of elective courses also fall into the category of off-line courses.

Off-line courses for credit must be described by the student’s parents on our Off-Line Course Planning Form and then approved by Onward Christian Academy administrators.  They can represent a number of different credit categories, including the following examples:


  • Participation in an organized sports team
  • Fitness exercises such as running, swimming, weight-lifting, etc.
  • Other activities requiring exercise, skill development, coordination


  • Instruction and practice in photography, painting, videography, etc.
  • Lessons in playing a musical instrument or singing
  • Participation in a music or drama group


  • Employment, internship, or volunteer
  • Child care, agriculture, sales, office work, etc.


  • Private instruction in a foreign language or formal sign language training
  • Participation in a club emphasizing supervised educational activities (i.e. Boy Scouts, 4-H, FHA, Junior Achievement)



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