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The greatest joy we at Onward Christian Academy experience is being a part of our students' success. We are fully committed to taking whatever steps are necessary to insure our students' daily progress and to meet their goals. Each student will be assigned a lead teacher who they will hear from on a regular basis either through our online message system, direct e-mail, or phone. We will make it very comfortable for students to communicate with their lead teacher or teachers whenever they need help. Students will soon discover that the staff at Onward Christian Academy will always take a personal interest in their achievement. Knowing that God gives strength and victory to those who ask and trust, we are committed to praying daily for our students and in all things giving thanks.

ShirleeShirlee, one of our very efficient para-educators attended Christian school throughout elementary and junior high.  She enjoyed home schooling all four years of high school, giving her a good understanding of how the home school system works and all the advantages it has to offer.  She completed her college education at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. She now makes her home in nearby Fullerton with her daughter and son.

For the past two years Shirlee has been very popular with students in a virtual school sponsored by a public school district, and we’re delighted to have her come on board with OCA.  She has a real gift of establishing rapport with distant learners and is looking forward to working with students all over the planet. Shirley and her family are members of Sojourners Christian Church in Fullerton, California.

KimmKimm is a para-educator for Onward Christian Academy.  She has earned her Bachelor of Science degree and a minor in music from California State University, Fullerton and graduated with honors. She is CBEST certified and working toward a teaching credential. For two years previously, Kimm worked with students through online education.  Teaching is something that Kimm really enjoys, whether it is in a classroom environment, via an online school, or as a fitness instructor.

“Being involved in the learning process is truly rewarding. I find it especially fulfilling to help students overcome obstacles, oftentimes through creative problem solving, and move toward the mastery of skills that will be used for a lifetime.”

Her interests and strengths are diverse; she lists Bible, English, science, history, music, and health as her favorite subjects.  In addition to working with students of varying ages in an educational setting, Kimm spent three years as a volunteer Young Life leader, and five years volunteering with her church’s youth group.

Her passion for Christian education comes from positive, personal experience, as she attended various Christian schools throughout her educational career.  She knows the challenges of homeschooling also, having been taught at home for a year during high school.  “Students need encouragement, motivation, and accountability.  I hope that the students with whom I work will learn to love learning.”


Co-Founders - Norm and Jim

Norm, and Jim. Co-founders of Onward Christian Academy

Click here for Norm's bio, and here for Jim's bio.


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"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge"
Proverbs 1:7


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