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OCA, Your Family, and Your Church
Partnering in Bible Instruction

As a Christian academy, we know that we are contributing just one important ingredient in a process that ideally involves the student's parents and other spiritual leaders as well.

One element that makes Onward Christian Academy's program unique is our expectation that students will enter a discipling relationship with their pastor, youth minister, or other church leader to supplement what the parents are doing to facilitate high school Bible study credits. As an education minister in my local church, this mentoring arrangement is one of my favorite OCA features.

If your student is in his or her high school years, I look forward to talking with you and your designated mentor about how we can co-ordinate biblical study credits.

Norm Fox, Curriculum Director
Onward Christian Academy

Norm FoxNorm Fox is co-founder and Curriculum Director of Onward Christian Academy.  Since graduating from the University of Oregon in 1968, Norm has been a teacher (primarily language arts and social studies), department head, and teaching principal in public schools, a Christian school, and a home school resource center, as well as serving as an adjunct instructor at a Christian college. 

Norm also has a related career as a developer of curriculum products.  These include MovieLit (www.movielit.com) and Times and Scriptures (www.timesandscriptures.org), a study of God’s solutions applied to current world problems, used by churches, Christian schools, and home school families across America.

A long-time proponent of online education, Norm is delighted to be part of a ground-breaking Internet Christian school.  He and his wife are grateful to have seen all four of their children through Christian school from kindergarten through high school, and to see their 14 grandchildren being trained up with Christian values, many of them via home schooling.

“Devoting time and resources to Bible-based education for your children is a blue-chip investment with dividends through time and eternity,” Norm advises young parents.  “The sooner you can make that commitment and make it part of your lifestyle, the better the results will be.”

Norm, the son of Christian teachers, personally accepted Christ as a seven-year-old, and has spent his entire adult life in Christian leadership and service.  He is presently an elder and education minister at a church in Eugene, OR.


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"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge"
Proverbs 1:7


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where hundreds of homeschoolers have been individually tutored over the past 15 years.

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